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Leadership and Supervision Free Essay Example, 1500 words

HUOLS degree duration takes 15 Semester Hours, but the USCOL degree requires a total of 120 hours of study. The USCOL degree is also offered regarding the fulltime model student under which it expected to take nearly two years. This model regards entails a student attending the class in-person, but it also requires that part-time learners should take lighter course load. USCOL degree enables the students to focus on employer and employees issues, the study of the law, policy, and organizations and comprehension of the workplace dynamics. On the contrary, students undertaking HUOLS degree would focus on leadership and administration principles and undertake accepted organizational leadership and supervision model. The degree also focuses on enhancement and recognition legal, professional behaviours and ethical models in organizations. HUOLS degree focuses on many other essential units like application technological skills to execute the solutions that related with organizational leadership. The understanding of the roles of supervisors and entailed essential details becomes a strongly notable focus for the HUOLS degree. The students are also expected t focus on comprehending the managerial functions in any organization setting and also allow for the application of the essential analytical skills in undertaking business. We will write a custom essay sample on Leadership and Supervision or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now HUOLS degree can borrow some critical segments from the University of South Carolina. Such qualities include professional writing, empowering of employees, the delegation of tasks, strong negotiation, and conflict management skills at the workplace, and overcoming of challenges in the creation of better workflows. Literature Review: Â   The transfer or admission to HUOLS leadership degree requires the applicants to fulfil a general admission guidelines provided by the university. The application as a freshman is undertaken through the online model. There is a requirement of the $50 application fee. An applicant should request his or her school registrar to send the high school transcripts through electronic means or even through the use of sealed envelope. UH does not accept details sent through fax. Application as a transfer requires $50 application fee and updated college transcripts through electronic means. The process is required for both freshmen and transfer students. The University of Carolina demands that international students have to pass a minimum TOEFL score of 550. Current the application process can be undertaken through an online structure, but students are normally encouraged talk to advisors for the excellent sailing of the registration process.

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Texting And Driving While Driving - 1518 Words

Summary Texting in cars and trucks causes over 3,000 deaths and 330,000 injuries per year, according to a Harvard Centre for Risk Analysis study. Texting while driving a vehicle has now replaced drinking while driving as the leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers. Texting in traffic isn’t simply a problem among teens and 47% of adults admit that they text while driving. Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash than non-texting drivers (Driving while Texting Six Times More Dangerous than Driving while Drunk, 2014). A mobile phone while driving is not only physically distracting, but visually distracting as well. A driver is physically distracted as their hand is moved from the steering wheel to pick up the phone, answer or end the call, or type a message. A mobile phone visually distracts the driver as their eyes are taken off the road to look at the phone, when typing a message or reading (Service, 2013). As a vehicle’s speed increases, so does the distance travelled during the driver’s reaction time and the distance needed to stop. Also, the higher the speed, the greater the amount of kinetic energy that must be absorbed by the impact in a crash. Therefore, as well as being identified as a causal factor in around 40 % of fatal crashes, speed is an aggravating factor in the severity of all crashes. As speed increases - so does the distance travel while brain is processing information and reacting to it – and so does the distanceShow MoreRelatedTexting While Driving And Driving1184 Words   |  5 Pagesexploring apps, to texting while driving, people cannot seem to put down their smart-devices. According to the passage Introduction to Cell Phones and Driving: At Issue, the average amount of texts people send daily runs from around 40 – 110 (2015). It may not seem like the highest number, but knowing that more than half of those messages are sent while driving makes the matter of texting a lot worse. At this point in time, there have been laws prohibiting texting and driving as well as talking onRead MoreTexting While Driving And Driving883 Words   |  4 Pagesgovernments try to make to avoid people texting while driving, only so much can be done on the government’s and law enforcement’s side of the matter. Different states have different rules. Som e outlaw texting while driving when under the age of 21 or 18. Other states have hand-held bans on cell phones while some states have an all-phone ban. Law enforcement officers who regulate and enforce traffic matters have to catch the person in the act of texting while driving. Catching a person in the act is notRead MoreTexting While Driving And Driving993 Words   |  4 PagesTexting while Driving â€Å"Text messaging †¦ had the longest duration of eyes-off-road time of 4.6 seconds at a six second interval. This equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour without looking at the roadway.† This statement was made by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute when they did a texting while driving study (â€Å"Skip Menu†). Texting while driving has become a large problem in the United States and it is growing. There are about 1,600,000 accidentsRead Moretexting while driving1007 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ The Dangers of Texting While Driving Over the past few years, texting while driving has become a major issue for many Americans across the country. It has been the cause of many deaths and injuries and is a huge distraction for drivers. Texting while driving is said to be as dangerous as drunk driving. Many campaigns have been developed to further reduce the rate of accidents caused by texting while driving, but these are not taken to notice by the thousands of people taking their chancesRead MoreTexting While Driving1688 Words   |  7 Pagescall while already out? Break out that cell phone and call whomever is needed; it is just that easy. Need to get a message to someone but not in a position to talk? Send a text message and get things squared away in just a few seconds. Nowadays, cell phones even come with all kinds of games and other fun applications that help to relieve boredom and occupy the time of the beholders. This is great and all, but what happens when these individuals are abusing these phones and using t hem while they areRead MoreDriving While Texting : Distracted Driving992 Words   |  4 Pagestraffic deaths nationwide were due to distracted driving. It is believed that distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to get into a traffic accident as compared to those who are completely focused on the road. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that there were 302,307 motor vehicle crashes in Ohio in 2015. These crashes resulted in 1,110 fatalities. 22 of these fatalities were attributed to drivers who were distracted by their phones, texting, emailing or other electronic communications. 17Read MoreTexting While Driving: Texting to Death1158 Words   |  5 PagesSeeing someone behind the wheel of a car and texting has become quite a frequent sight. Texting and driving is a serious hazard, which could ultimately cost you your life or others. This pressing issue needs well thought out ads that will convince people to act on this deadly habit and not just be aware of it. Through that idea I felt that my ad is a perfect fit for this problem. This will be revealed through understanding how important this topic is, while also understanding the pathos and logos behindRead MoreA Research On Texting While Driving939 Words   |  4 Pagesphones to send or receive text messages while driving de spite the majority recognizing that the activity represents a risk. It found that male drivers are more likely to engage in texting while driving but consider themselves more proficient drivers than others and so less likely to endanger themselves or others while doing so. Analysis indicates texting impulsiveness is positively associated with people who text frequently and those who text while driving, it reports in the International JournalRead MoreTexting While Driving Is A Problem904 Words   |  4 Pagesmessaging while driving has a severe the negative effect on drivers ability to maintain a central lane position, or more serious those cause can death on the road. Texting while driving can be compared to driving while being drunk. The author asserts that 30.2 million persons aged 21 years or older had driven under the influence of alcohol at least once during the past year. (Dubois, et al). As a result, many accidents have taken place by the most of teenagers and adults peopl e who are driving whileRead MoreThe Dangers Of Texting While Driving1239 Words   |  5 PagesDriving While Intexticated The invention of the automobile has revolutionized transportation; likewise, the more recent invention of mobile devices, such as the cell phone, has transformed the world of communication. However, there’s no doubt that using the two together is not the safest way to go. In our modern technological society, people are inclined to constantly use their hand-held devices wherever they go. Texting while driving is a growing habit that not only teens, but adults as well have

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Women And The Hip Hop Industry Essay - 1165 Words

Introduction Men and women play a significant role in the production of lyricism and visual content in the vibrant and vocal genre that is Hip Hop. Due to this, sexuality plays a major part in creating the role of men and women within the hip hop industry. Sexuality has become a focal point for many male artist that use the image of women and their bodies, through lyricism and music videos. Men in the commercial hip hop industry have yet to stop this social issue, fame and wealth has been produced from the exploiting image of women since the early years of hip hop. The content examined in this paper will be the lyricism and music videos involving women, and how it relates to the differences in the portrayal between men and women in Hip hop. Several male artist will be used to analyze how the genders of men and women are portrayed in the hip hop music industry. This topic is presents two main reasons why it is critically important to sociology. First, sexuality refers to a persons capacity of sexual feelings (Little, 2013). Selection and Justification of Content For this paper I decided to analyze the content of lyrics and music videos by hip hop artists. The reason why I decided to use these media outlets is because they contain the powerful images and words preformed in music videos and songs. Music videos help create the visual portrayal of hip hop artist that is used to promote the songs they release. Lyrics within songs are ways artists communicate, for example,Show MoreRelatedMy Redefinition Of Hip Hop Feminism1513 Words   |  7 PagesRabaka ETHN Intro to Hip Hop studies 29 March 2016 Own Perspective 1. My redefinition of Hip hop feminism differs from the â€Å"normal† definition of feminism, to me hip hop feminism is a way of living and thinking. Hip hop feminism is connected to the Liberation Movement although this movement focused on advancing women rights than civil rights I still believe it played a part with the Hip Hop feminism movement which focused on the rights for young black women in the hip hop industry. I believe this becauseRead MoreHip Hop : The Commodification Of African American Women1717 Words   |  7 PagesHip-Hop Music: The Commodification of African-American Women Since its emergence in the 1980s, hip-hop has taken the world by storm; it has impacted and revolutionized the way people behave, dress, and think. Hip-hop music enables people to connect in a way they would never be able to with any other genre of music. Although, hip-hop has swayed different generations over the years, its influence has not always been positive. In the past, hip-hop focused more on current events in society, personalRead MoreThe Hip Hop Generation And Its Impact On Society1371 Words   |  6 PagesDominiquie Gray English- 102 Argumentative Essay 6 December 2015 The Hip Hop Generation and its Impact on Society. Throughout history, Hip Hop has manifest into more than a simple form of life, but as a powerful cultural movement. Hip Hop plays a major part in African American culture, dialogue, fashion, and self expression. Today, Hip Hop has a joined people of many nationalities, races, and ethnicities as a society. The Hip Hop Generation has begun to redefine African American cultural normsRead MoreEssay about Hip Hop: Beyond Beats Rhymes523 Words   |  3 PagesHip Hop: Beyond Beats Rhymes is a documentary created and produced by Bryon Hurt. The documentary challenges the dominant discourses of hyper masculinity and the misogynist treatment of women in commercialized rap. Of the many mainstream phenomenons that are discussed by Bryon in the documentary, the issue of hyper masculinity in Hip Hop is questioned greatly. Throughout the film, the producer was able to show the wide acceptance of hyper masculinity not only in Hip Hop but also American cultureRead MoreHip Hop : A Negative Phe nomenon1617 Words   |  7 Pagesthat the commercialization of hip is a negative phenomenon. Many hip hop fans seem to hold this opinion because they believe that the quality of music from today’s rappers has drastically decreased. However, the difficulty arises in determining whether the ‘commercialization’ of hip hop should be considered a positive or negative phenomenon. There are strong advocates for both of these judgements with convincing points to support their beliefs. The history of hip hop is important to understand inRead MoreThe Portrayal Of Women Of Contemporary Rap Videos1427 Words   |  6 Pagesthe portrayal of women in contemporary rap videos, and to see if it could be potentially harmful. Unfortunately within the music industry like many industries sex sells, and the media has brought to light this fixation. Hip-hop has persuaded a large portion of society that this is how women should be treated, but new times call for new measures and it is time that people realise this and give women the respect and dignity that many believe they surly deserve. In the rap world, women are a status ofRead MoreHip Hop : Beyond Beats And Rhymes846 Words   |  4 PagesHip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, Byron Hurt examined the troubling aspects of hip hop music. Hip hop was said to have brought masculinity back to the game. One aspect of this troubling masculine culture is the idea of hyper masculinity. The term hyper masculinity is defined as the exaggeration of male stereotypical behavior, such as an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. These three attributes create the disturbing facets of what hip hop music portrays to the media and theRead MoreWomen And Hip Hop Culture1275 Words   |  6 PagesWomen have always played a major role in the hip hop culture. This can be seen when watching music videos, or listening to female rappers. Women are simply involved in everything. However, that does not necessarily mean that they have the best relationship with hip hop. The purpose of this paper is to examine women within the hi p hop culture. More specifically, this paper is going to examine the unique relationship women have with hip hop. To achieve a better understanding of the unique relationshipRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Hip Hop Music1182 Words   |  5 Pages Rhetorical Analysis of Hip-Hop Music Sharon Rhetorical Analysis of hip-hop music among Black Americans in ‘From the margins to the mainstream: the political power of hip-hop’ by Katina R. Stapleton Thesis: the paper’s focus on hip-hop as a music genre that has changed the lives of the black Americans Introduction In this article, the speaker must be an expert in politics, ethnicity and the music industry. There is a linkage between the above fields hence the speaker must have hadRead MoreRap And Hip Hop951 Words   |  4 PagesHIP HOP/RAP When we think of hip hop do we think of the dance or do we think of the music? More often than not we think of the music industry when someone says hip hop. however hip hop music was created with the dance. Both were created in the 1970’s by the African American and Puerto Rican people in New York. The music originally incorporated the Rhythms of salsa, Afro conga, bongo drums, jazz and funk and became more popular outside of the African American community around the 1980’s. Although

Global Health Promotion The Global Prevalence Of Chronic...

Global Health Promotion MaryAnn E Laird Nurs233 Carroll Community College Abstract The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the need for global health promotion by using statistical data to demonstrate the global prevalence of chronic illness. This document will also cover the factors affecting the lack of health education, resources, health personnel, and explain how nurses - present and future - can help promote global health despite the lack of resources. Attention will also be given to improvements that will be necessary in order for nurses to effectively promote global health. A strong focus within this paper is a study conducted on the theoretical basis ’underlying nurses’ health promoting†¦show more content†¦2014). The Ottawa Charter went on to explain that health promotion must be implemented in schools, homes, work places, and within the community setting (Bolch, et.al., 2014). One might ask how can we educate, what do we teach, and how can health promotion change the course and health status of individuals, as well as affect society as a whole? Within this paper I will explain how health promotion has worked, what needs to change to improve health promotion, and what nurses within the community, hospitals, and schools do to help promote overall health. Upon my research I have found that though health promotion has improved in the last twenty-five years, there is still a need for education and resources in order to improve health promotion globally. According to W.H.O., around 6 million children die worldwide before the age of 5. These deaths are typically preventable. If these children had resources such as vaccinations, exclusive breastfeeding, and clean water sanitation these children would be able to survive (â€Å"10 Facts On the State Of Global Health,† 2012). Another statistic from W.H.O. states that cardiovascular diseases is the leading cause of death worldwide. That means that 3 of 10 deaths are attributed to either a diseased

The Identity If an Individual within the Cultural Sphere

Question: How Do To Identity If an Individual within the Cultural Sphere? Answer: Introducation: The identity if an individual within the cultural sphere has been a matter of concern for numerous fields in social science. The concept of identity is there in all the present, past and future time frames. I am what I was in the past and both my past and present beings focus on the future being of me. This is also possible that one feels much disassociated from the past being and the future expectations of that identity seems to be conflicted. There are different senses of identities in a self; my feelings of identity when I am a home at 3 a.m. in the night might seem a lot different and pensive than my feelings of identity when I am at work at 3 p.m. Therefore, the scholars have recognized a distinct variation in the self and identity that constitutes the societal views of the individual self along with the unconscious and conscious sense of identity within the individual. The unconscious picture of the brain has been mostly drawn from the generalizations of past experiences, as th rough these brain connects among different modules (Van der Werff, Steg and Keizer 2013). Even if, the term self identity has been defined in so many methods across different disciplines, it has not been explained understanding each of the aspects. The question, Who are you? may sound simple, but it is a lot difficult when I am having a tough time in choosing words to define my personality. It is a complicated idea. When someone asks me to say something about myself, I mostly describe my family, hobbies, language, job, religious belief, nationality etc. However, ones moral belief and values cannot be understood from this information. That can only be explained by the individual. We all tend to develop an identity of the self that can distinguish one from others. Therefore, the society plays a crucial role in developing the definition of identity. As we can see in the past, in most of the historical cultures, being healthy and weighty was considered to be a symbol of wealth, when thin people were considered to be lower class. However, now television and media has focused o n being thin and the health conscious which lead the society to consider being thin more impressive and desired. Therefore, in developing the self identity, I may not avoid these societal notions. The Social Identity theory indicates that we tend to define ourselves by distinct social categories where we thing that we belong to such as political or social associations, nationality, language etc (Hogg 2016). Being an Australian or a native speaker of English language is a part of my identity. It helps to develop myself. The concept of social identity is a combination of perceptions and ideals of the social groups. However, there are two sides of the social identity, external and internal or we may say conscious and unconscious. Both the sides make self identity so tricky that we tend to think and act like the society wants us to do. These thoughts also hamper our sense of self esteem, as we tend to fee a higher self esteem when we are in out comfortable group, whereas we tend to feel a lower when we think that we are not being able to live up to the social mark. Therefore, we tend to develop our external self identity according to the societal norms. Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice and discriminations are the rising issues in the modern society. Prejudice is a sense towards an individual that is defined on the basis of their specific affiliation to a certain group. The sense of discrimination can also be derived from this definition, as it is the sense of treating someone or making a particular distinction in the favour or against of the group, rather than focusing on his or her individual merit (Fishbein 2014). Being prejudiced is a mindset which relies on the unpleasant or negative stereotypes about the individuals or a group of individuals due to their religion, culture, ethnicity or gender. The discrimination and prejudice are very common both at the social and individual levels. We see numerous examples of these problems in our everyday life. On the basis of the prejudiced discrimination, there can be numbers of discriminatory judgment on different levels. Most of the time, we make stereotypical judgments on the basis of the appearance of someone . Gender discrimination is one of the major discrimination that we see in our everyday life. Most of the time, women are considered as the weaker sex who need protection from the difficulties of life. They are considered to be delicate and often victims of the emotional and physical abuse (Bar-Tal et al. 2013). When I was working in a retail outlet as a customer service executive, I have seen the women employees to be treated as weak and temporary employees. The management had never considered the women employees to compete in a difficult situation. Even today, most of the organizations do not want to promote women employees as they may not be as involved as the male employees due to their family responsibilities and pregnancy. Another discrimination is made by the prejudices society is the discrimination against the disabled people. People having mental or physical impairment are considered to be the victimized or the weaker ones. This is also an instance of direct discrimination wher e they are not treated equally even if they have individual merit. Not only these, there are numerous instances of racial discrimination and prejudice in the society, even if the in the multi racial society. Every day we experience some kind of discriminatory judgements in our surrounding. Attraction and Closed relationship Relationships, particularly the trustworthy and closed relationships are very significant to the psychological and social growth of an individual being. In such relationships, we tend to carve for emotional support, love and acceptance. These are human traits and we strive for such interpersonal relationship to fulfil the void in our lives along with making the sense of life through the experiences of caring, trust and sharing (Brees et al. 2014). During different phases of our lives, we come across some people who come as different experiences in our lives. In my high school, I met some interesting personalities in the classroom. I made friends with some of them. However, I used to hang out with several people, but I only developed a close friendship with two of them, Davis and Sarah. Scholars suggest that, interpersonal relationships can develop at different phases of life. My friendship with one of my childhood neighbour Betty had gone through different stages of life. We had experienced so many things together from childhood, it made our bond stronger. According to Knapps model, the interpersonal relationship goes through different stages such as initiating, experimenting, intensifying and integrating (Fox, Warber and Makstaller 2013). Therefore, we have crossed all these phases together, thus developed a stronger bond with time. However, with my other friends, Davis and Sarah, I also crossed those stages to develop a bond with them. While I joined the school, during the first initiating phase, we mostly talked about syllabus and living arrangements in the dormitory and gathered common information about each other. In the experimenting phase, we engaged ourselves in small talks and talked more about the common grounds. During the third phase we three developed a very close friendship as most of our subjects were same and we were taking classes together. We started sharing our personal thoughts and shared a common life together. Thus a personal relationship or a friendship grows through different stages of life References Bar-Tal, D., Graumann, C.F., Kruglanski, A.W. and Stroebe, W. eds., 2013.Stereotyping and prejudice: Changing conceptions. Springer Science Business Media. Brees, J., Mackey, J., Martinko, M. and Harvey, P., 2014. The mediating role of perceptions of abusive supervision in the relationship between personality and aggression.Journal of Leadership Organizational Studies,21(4), pp.403-413. Dugel, P.U., Abulon, D.J. and Dimalanta, R., 2015. Comparison of attraction capabilities associated with high-speed, dual-pneumatic vitrectomy probes.Retina,35(5), pp.915-920. Fishbein, H.D., 2014.Peer prejudice and discrimination: The origins of prejudice. Psychology Press. Fox, J., Warber, K.M. and Makstaller, D.C., 2013. The role of Facebook in romantic relationship development: An exploration of Knapps relational stage model.Journal of Social and Personal Relationships,30(6), pp.771-794. Hogg, M.A., 2016. Social identity theory. InUnderstanding Peace and Conflict Through Social Identity Theory(pp. 3-17). Springer International Publishing. O'Brien, K.S., Latner, J.D., Ebneter, D. and Hunter, J.A., 2013. Obesity discrimination: the role of physical appearance, personal ideology, and anti-fat prejudice.International Journal of Obesity,37(3), pp.455-460. Simpson, G.E. and Yinger, J.M., 2013.Racial and cultural minorities: An analysis of prejudice and discrimination. Springer Science Business Media. Tedeschi, J.T. ed., 2013.Impression management theory and social psychological research. Academic Press. Van der Werff, E., Steg, L. and Keizer, K., 2013. The value of environmental self-identity: The relationship between biospheric values, environmental self-identity and environmental preferences, intentions and behaviour.Journal of Environm

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Managing Work Place Relations

Question: Discuss about the Managing Work Place Relations. Answer: Introduction Hotel industry is one of the well growing organizations in the present day generation world. It is the place where people get trained for their culinary arts, dining and other food related stuff. The work that is being learned by us is greatly impacted by the type of work relations that we have in that environment (Warner, 2016). Authorization: The present report pertains to the type of relationships that are maintained by the organization at the work place since it has been found to discriminate the people relating to various aspects such as age, racial and disability. The kind of harassment that is being given by discriminating the individuals among others is being reported. The relationship policy varied based on the favoritism aspect and mainly the regionally feeling (Dane Brummel, 2013). A study has been carried out by which various reasons were also proposed such as creating a stressful environment to the individuals, isolating them from the group by discriminating based on age or disabilities etc. Limitations: The organizations have some constraints because of which the discrimination occurs in the workplace. From their point of view it has been said that there are some factors which are considered at the work place if that is seen in an individual then he would be encouraged and ultimately it would lead to the success of the company (Stone, 2013). The organizational limitations includes the body language of the employee and his listening skills towards the subject his effective communication for the growth of the company and the type of skills that he poses. If such a kind of constraints is fulfilled then the company is same to all it says. Scope: The outline drawn from these studies is that for the development of the organizational the company is striving hard to improve the loopholes that are being faced by the employees at the work place. The manager would like to address the issues according to the level of problems that are occurring in the relationships while working at the place (Holmes Stubbe, 2015). The organization wants to improve from all the aspects which would finally help them in the growth and success of the company. The purpose of the study is only through the effective communication regarding the biased faced in the workplace to the higher officials it can be improved and demolished. Attitude of the organization to discrimination Rather than judging the people based on the skills, capabilities and the type of attributes they poses the organization started identifying them in the form of discrimination. The youth and the older people are being discriminated at the workplace. Groups are made based on this prejudice. Employees promotion or hiring is usually not related to job requirement (Wanrooy et al, 2013). But here all these categories are taken into account such as age of the person, suffering from any disability or the individual belongs any special region is being considered to make any further decisions in the organization. If these kinds of procedures are followed then its a big loss to the company. Commitment to an environment free from discrimination and harassment In Australia according to the legislation called Anti-discrimination at workplace the workers are supposed to work in the environment which is free from harassment and discrimination. There are some characteristics designed by the legislation that if discrimination is occurring at that place than it would led to an illegal issue. Any kind of racial, age or disability discrimination is done towards someone than it is legally process under this legislation act. By making such rules it is making the work place flexible for the employees to work and get rid of such elements (Mausethagen, 2013). Any kind of harassment experienced by the employee then they can file under the sexual harassment act. By this favorable conditions are provided to the employees to work freely. Zero Tolerance: If the working environment is impacted with the negative behaviors then the zero tolerance is bared by the Anti-discrimination act and would proceed legally for the issues behind that because the individuals are personally affected on their characteristics. This kind of behavior is not accepted as it the disgraceful and the equality among all are not maintained by them in the work place (Shields et al, 2015). The organization would be punished because of their violation from the rules set by them. Managers are not allowed to discrete the managements personal discretion. Any kind of racial sex or ability discrimination is seen then they are subjected to law with zero tolerance. Disciplinary action for breaches: If an individual is allegedly discriminated then the authorities would investigate and file a complaint against the Australia human rights commission act. Under this various laws are implemented base on the type of discrimination. If the case is against the age discrimination rat the place of employment or in the area of education or any other field them the Age discrimination act comes into the picture (Appelbaum, 2015). If the discrimination is based on disability issue then the complaint is filed against the Disability Discrimination act as they possess some special fundamental rights which are especially for them. The racial discrimination issue is subjected under the racial discrimination act as its basic principle is to promote equality before law. Organizational Objectives Treatment of staff: All the employees should be treated equally in the organization at the workplace without any discrimination. For the benefits of the organization they have to treat the employees with equality which is a significant aspect as it is going to be advantageous for the company (Wajcman, 2013). The major key principles of the ethical business and the ethical organizations guidelines are the treatment of people with no discrimination against age, racial or disability. Training and development: All the employees should be trained equally with no difference in proving knowledge to them. All special skills required for the position should be given training for all the individuals without and discrimination. For the better performance all the employees should be trained at high level with equality. Based on the performance of the employee the development in the company would reach high and ultimately it leads to the growth of the organization. The abilities of the employee have to be trained at better level for the good development of the company. Complaints Procedure: The individual who are facing discriminating issue can file a complaint to the Australian Human Right commission. The complaint should be in the written format. While giving the complaint all the required information should be included in the file (Todd Binns, 2013). A special form is providing by them to launch a complaint. It can either be submitted in the form of hard copy or a soft copy. Authorization should be taken by you if you trying to launch a complaint on behalf of other person and then can proceed legally. Treatment of Complaints: The complaints launched against discrimination are treated fairly well. They are investigated before filing the law against the organization. Proper and reasonable research is made by investigation and then appropriate lawsuit is filed on the company for violating the rules and following discrimination. Protection guarantees: If any difficulties are faced at workplace then you need a file a complaint of discrimination at the fair work commission after a proper investigation of job loss and their termination reasons are found out and guarantee of reasonable justice is provided them (Samnani, 2013). Reporting mechanisms: Firstly if an employee is facing any discrimination issue then he should be aware of the laws that are filed against them. The policies and the procedures involved in them should be known by the employee.it a simple complaint for that is available in their website of Anti-discrimination which can be filled and submitted either online or a hard copy or they can even file complaint in the legislation community. Standards of conduct: The conduct of the employee should be highly labeled with integrity and honesty. According to all legislations acts and policies of state and federal the conducts of employees are taken into consideration before filing a complaint (Appelbaum, 2015). The employee is supposed to maintain high standard working environment at his work place with dignity. Definition of Discrimination Discrimination means an individual who is treated unfavorably in a group or from other person of the work place and is not provided with equal opportunities or knowledge or equality at any place and is violated from all the necessary actions (Kersley et al, 2013). Its the impact that is seen on persons background or on his personal characteristics Commonwealth Legislation: Consolidated database of all the Commonwealth acts with some exception of supply acts and appropriation is included in this. It has all acts of amending consisting in it which are due to changes in ComLaw. It I not an official one and it is not authorized but can be used for all commonwealth legislation acts. State legislation: The laws that are not controlled by the commonwealth legislation are taken care by the state legislation. The powers of this state legislation are in the hands of governor (Stone, 2013). Since Australia is divided into six stated each state has its own head so they have their own constitutional rules and regulation policies which are followed. Any complaint filed against any particular state would follow their laws and legislations. Examples of Discrimination and Harassment Example one: A black American who was in a customer service position was stopped for his promotion. When he demanded an explanation regarding that his performance in the current position is not appreciable and the database of client is not enough for that higher position. Others were white men in that work place and on repeated questioning to organization he was harassed at his work place by pressuring on his accounts. Example two: A women of 55 year age was mercilessly denied for the waitress position because she would not support the promotion of the business they are looking for. She was abused erotically for her physical appearance in spite of not offering a job (Barak, 2013). Example three: A girl of 16 years of age was sexually harassed at her workplace when asked for the summer internship because of her race. Responsibilities Management: The management should be responsible and focus only on the business growth of the organization by taking into consideration the safety of the employee. The main objective of the management should be equality among all with no discrimination and following the legislation rules and regulation without violating them and providing flexible workplace environment for the employees. Employees: The employees should also maintain the dignity by following the rules set by the organization and involving themselves in the training of the subject by implementing all their skills and knowledge for the development of the company and its business growth. Consequences Case Example one: The 16 year old girl who was sexually harassed at the work place during the internship program has filed a complaint under the Sexual Act where after proper investigation legal consequences are to be faced by that organization Case example two: The business was run into the losses after a proper decision was not made by the organization in promoting the black American into the higher position and it was later penalized for that discrimination. Case Example three: The lady for being sexually abused without giving job in the hotel was handed over a sum amount of money by the hotel organization for being unlawful to her (Barak, 2013). Procedures When to contact for assistance: When the employment policies are used then the limited constrain ton the employee and the process of discrimination is noticed in a wide state and if the employee is being sexually abused or harassed, assaulting then its time to contact for assistance. How to contact for assistance: The individual can directly approach the anti-discrimination act community and file a complaint in written format and can apply it online and give the hard copy (Appelbaum, 2015). Who to contact for assistance: Office of Civil Rights is the place where an individual can get assistance for launching the complaint and proceeding with further process. Conclusion As per the report the discrimination policies has been mentioned and the legislations that are undertaking this act are also revealed the consequences that are faced while violating the rules and the legislations acts by following discrimination is been reported. The organization should follow equality before law and has to treat all the employees equally at the workplace and should not show discrimination or harass them at any point of time and the eligibility analysis should be done based on their knowledge and other interpersonal skills criteria is the main point that is focused. References Ahonen, P., Tienari, J., Merilinen, S. and Pullen, A., 2014. Hidden contexts and invisible power relations: A Foucauldian reading of diversity research. Human Relations,67(3), pp.263-286. Appelbaum, E., 2015. High-performance work practices and sustainable economic growth.EPRN. Barak, M.E.M., 2013.Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Sage Publications. Dane, E. and Brummel, B.J., 2013. Examining workplace mindfulness and its relations to job performance and turnover intention.Human Relations, p.0018726713487753. Dastmalchian, A., Blyton, P. and Adamson, R., 2014.The Climate of Workplace Relations (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. 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One Flew Over The Cuckoo`s Nest Essays (1062 words) -

One Flew Over The Cuckoo`s Nest When a person reads the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kesey, they are taking a different look at the corrupt side of society through the eyes of this intelligent and imaginative author. Kesey leads the reader through a mental hospital in the form of a mentally ill patient called ?Chief' Bromden. Throughout the story the reader is shown a darker side of what is traditionally labeled as good or necessary, namely the hospital, in our culture. It is shown how one good force can have such an extreme effect on the fate of it's opposition. In this particular story the good force is a man by the name of Randall P. McMurphy. He comes into the ward and creates a disruption to all that is ordinary and accepted. The story One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest explores the idea that McMurphy is a Christ-like figure, and that there is an underlying battle between good (McMurphy) and evil (Big Nurse) that seriously affects the outcome of the patients in the ward. One thing that allows the reader to enter into the idea that McMurphy is quite special is how he was noticeably different from all the other patients at the beginning of the story. He had a much greater crave for independence and things like self-gratification than did any of the others. He states that he is "thinking of taking over the whole show himself" (Kesey 22) right at the beginning of the story. This is something none of the other patients would ever even consider saying, and they become very interested in him immediately. After McMurphy starts getting to know the other people in the ward, he builds a bond with them and starts to express a feeling of wanting to make things change. This is where his stronger Christ-like qualities begin to shine through. He can relate to Christ not only because "He and Christ could function in their societies, but they were able to edify those who followed them and bring meaning into once futile lives" (Essay 2). According to one essay: Both McMurphy and Christ were charismatic and had a small devote following. Christ often challenged the Jewish ritualization of the law and blamed the scribes and Pharisees, with power, for being hypocrites. In this same manner, R.P. McMurphy often caused a stir by confronting the system of the asylum and it's authorities. (2) This is only one of the many similarities between the two very important men. One could go as far as to relate the fishing trip in the story to the actual assumed profession of Jesus Christ himself, that of a fisherman. Perhaps the most unifying similarity between Christ and McMurphy is the action of sacrificing themselves for their causes. They are both killed by their own people. Christ is killed by the Jews, and McMurphy by Mr. Bromden, both for a good cause. Both men have interesting life stories that end with martyrdom and salvation for others. In some words "Finally, the eventual death of McMurphy was Chief's "new birth." McMurphy died in place of Chief, and liberation ensued. The same parallel exists among those who identify themselves with Christ, his death, and resurrection. This was the way to salvation or liberation from the confinement of a worthless life" (Essay 2). The presence of a Christ-like protagonist leads the story to take on the basis of a battle between good and evil. In this basic frame of good and evil, Big Nurse, otherwise known as Nurse Ratched takes on the role of the evil force. She is hurtful toward the patients and is always making certain that her power and authority over the patients aren't questioned or jeopardized in any way. A perfect example of her hurtful behavior is the downsizing of Billy Bibbit, a patient in the ward, after he has sex with a woman, which proves to be extremely therapeutic for his condition. Her verbal assault drives the boy to the point of suicide within minutes. The good force, performed by McMurphy, is very helpful to them. When he brings the whole group out on a fishing trip without ward permission the guys get their first real taste of freedom in a long time. The whole trip ends up being so much fun, that almost all of the patients seem one hundred percent better. This makes no difference to the nurse. She quickly scolds them, fighting to be powerful, and accuses McMurphy of being a danger to the